Visit Medieval Poland

The 2011 conference of the British Archaeological Association will be held in Kraków, the capital of Poland. The conference, which runs 3–7 July, will be based at the Jagiellonian Library. It will be concerned with the medieval art, architecture and archaeology of Kraków and the Lesser Poland region, as well the cultural and artistic links that bound the Polish kingdom to its central European neighbours. The programme will include lectures on Romanesque and Gothic archaeology, architecture, sculpture and painting as well as touching on the reception of medieval art in post-Reformation times. Delegates will visit the archaeological museum on Wawel royal hill as well as the newly opened archaeological exhibition under the Old Town Market, the cathedral and other medieval churches in Kraków and the Kazimierz district, and the medieval town of Sandomierz.

The conference welcomes professional and amateur enthusiasts equally. To download a booking form plus additional information click here.

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