Art and Christian Enquiry Symposium: ‘In Glass Thy Story’: 70 years of Innovation and Iconography in the Glass Art of British and European Churches and Cathedrals

Friday, 8th and Saturday, 9th September 2017

Fig. 1. 'In glass thy story.'

Fig. 1. ‘In glass thy story.’

This two-day symposium, to be held at Robinson College, Cambridge (which houses in its chapel John Piper’s Light of the World window), will explore the shifts in methods, style and iconography found in glass art created for churches and cathedrals over the course of the last 70 years. Referencing both European models and influences, and also British exemplars, it will seek to understand better the challenges and opportunities presented by the exceptional medium of glass, as well as draw out what glass means theologically as an integral part of a place of worship, a vehicle of light, and a boundary between within and without.

Speakers include: Frances Spalding, Jasmine Allen, Caroline Swash, Jonathan Koestle-Cate, Deborah Lewer and Fanny Drugeon. Visit the ACE website for a full programme and booking details.

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