Bats in Churches LIVE

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Join us on Zoom every Wednesday in May at 13:00 BST for Bats in Churches LIVE, our free online discussion series. Come and chat to our fabulously well-informed, expert guest speakers to delve into the wonderful world of bats and churches. The perfect combo of learning and lunching!

6th May: Britain’s Bat Story

In this event, we’ll take a closer look at bats, the role they play in the ecosystem and how they live. We’ll be looking at how these mammals have fared over the last century and the protection we have in place to help them.

13th May: England’s Church Buildings – Treasure Houses of History

Our panel will explore the importance of the humble parish church looking at architecture, style and use. We will aim to give you some tips on what to look out for when visiting a church and how to make the most of your visit.

20th May: Understanding bats through their DNA

The project is making use of DNA in bat droppings to identify which bat species are using churches, but the study of DNA can help us to learn a lot more than this! We’ll be joined by expert guest speakers to explore current research and the secrets that the bat genome holds.

27th May: The Wonders of Church Wall Paintings

Our panel will explore the imagery of wall paintings, some of the most famous examples, why they were lost after the Reformation, and how they were eventually uncovered and conserved. We will also discuss how we are working with some churches in our project to protect their medieval wall paintings.


For more information, please visit the Bats in Churches website.

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