BBC documentary Rebuilding Notre-Dame: Inside the Great Cathedral Rescue

Vidimus readers may be interested in the BBC’s recent documentary Rebuilding Notre-Dame: Inside the Great Cathedral Rescue, if they have not already had chance to watch it. The documentary recounts the damage caused by the fire on 15 April 2019, and traces the complex and challenging work which has taken place over the past year to stabilise and safeguard this magnificent building. Of particular interest to Vidimus readers will be the insights provided into the conservation of the stained glass. Claudine Loisel reveals her work to identify the extent of lead contamination across the glass surfaces and develop a cleaning strategy. She also discusses her identification of micro cracks, caused by thermal stress, which will require stabilisation using adhesives. The search for innovative methods of protecting the glass takes the programme to York Minster, where newly-developed UV-filtering protective glazing is being installed on an unprecedented scale.

The documentary is available to watch on BBC iPlayer until 15thMay.

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