The ICON Stained Glass Group Conference for 2018 on the theme of ‘Conservation, Communication, and Collaboration’ will be held at Glaziers Hall, the central London home of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers, on 8 and 9 May 2018. The conference’s deliberately broad themes seek to explore recent developments and challenges in the field of stained glass conservation, as well as ways in which collaborations have advanced our understanding of issues, practices and techniques. The ways in which work is disseminated, defined, and communicated is also central to this year’s meeting.

As part of an active international community, practitioners in the field of stained glass conservation have often initiated and participated in many forms of collaboration and communication on a daily basis. As an architectonic medium, those working within the stained glass sphere are especially attuned to looking at objects as part of a wider framework. Collaborations with scientists, architects, stonemasons, academics and heritage bodies help further advance our understanding of complex issues. The methods through which we document and convey conservation practices, or interpret, define, or redefine guidelines and principles, are challenges constantly under evaluation and scrutiny.

Papers are invited that seek to explore and examine issues of cross-disciplinary collaboration. Topics that deal with communicating, advancing or redefining our work or working guidelines, as well as any conservation projects relevant to these themes, are welcomed.

Deadline for abstract submissions: Noon, Friday 16 March 2018

Abstract Submission: Proposals for 20-minute papers (no more than 300 words in length, including the title, email address and name of the corresponding author) should be sent together with a short CV directly to the conference secretary Dr Marie Groll (

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