Day Course: ‘Christian Imagery in the Medieval English Parish Church’

Saturday, 16th March 2019

As part of its programme for 2019, Norwich Historic Churches Trust (NHCT) will host a day school, led by Sophie Weston, exploring the use of imagery within the medieval parish church. Using images in stained glass, wood, alabaster and stone, and depicting subjects such as the lives of Christ and the saints, the sacraments and sins, as well as the Last Judgement, the course will question whether and in what ways medieval parochial imagery really did follow Pope Gregory’s observation that, ‘A picture is displayed in churches in order that those who do not know letters may at least read by seeing on the walls what they are unable to read in books’.

The day school will be held at St Martin-at-Palace, Norwich and will run from 10.00am to 4.00pm. It costs £35 (£30 for under 18s, over 60s, those claiming JSA and Friends of NHCT), including tea/coffee and any study materials, but exclusive of lunch.  For further information, including how to book a place on the course, see the NHCT website and programme of events.

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