Forthcoming Conferences

Stained Glass and Sacred Space

The Association of Art German Historians (Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker) is holding its 32nd conference on 20–24 April 2013. One section of the conference is given over to the relationship of stained glass to sacred space. This part of the conference is being led by Frank Martin of the German CVMA (Potsdam), and the speakers will include names familiar to Vidimus readers: Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz, who will talk about the nature of glass-painting in French cathedrals, and Michael Burger, who will discuss the function of ornamental glass-painting in relation to architecture.

Further information here.

Medieval Europe in Motion

A conference entitled ‘Medieval Europe in Motion’ is to be held in Lisbon 18–20 April.

Fig. 1. Medieval Europe in Motion

Fig. 1. Medieval Europe in Motion

The main objective of the conference is to analyze the influence of the circulation of people, forms and ideas on the artistic creation during the Middle Ages. Although this is not an entirely new topic in the field of medieval art, the conference aims to conduct a critical appraisal of study to date and to propose new questions.

More details are available here and on the facebook page.

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