In Memoriam Prof. Paul Crossley (1945-2019)

Fig. 1. Prof. Paul Crossley (1945-2019)

Fig. 1. Prof. Paul Crossley (1945-2019)

Vidimus is very sad to report the recent passing of Prof. Paul Crossley. Prof. Crossley was an eminent historian of medieval architecture and art in its broadest sense, both in-ternational in scope, with a particular thirst for Polish Gothic architecture, and also spanning a variety of media in his interests and expertise.

He was perhaps best-known, and best-loved, for the enthusiasm, wit and charm with which he was able to communicate his formidable knowledge to his students and colleagues. It is noteworthy that the word most used to describe him by those who knew him, even slightly, is inspirational.

The stained glass community is particularly thankful to him for the years he cheerfully served on the committee of the CVMA (GB), and also for his brilliant co-supervising of a number of stained glass-focused PhD theses.

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