Name that Roundel!

This month’s puzzle comes from the parish church of St Helen in York. It shows a woman holding a shield and carrying a column riding a unicorn which is trampling on a woman lying on the ground. Cupid is by her side. To the left of the scene a figure sits on a raised throne holding a palm branch [Fig. 14].

Name that roundel!

Fig. 14. Name that roundel!

Measuring 22cm, the roundel consists of grey-black paint and yellow stain of an orange tint. It has been dated to c. 1525. The glass is badly fractured and has been plated.

What subject does it depict?

Roundels and other single panels of this period typically depict a range of subjects, including stories from the Old and New Testaments, the Lives of saints, and tales from ancient history and classical literature, such as Homer’s Odyssey. Moral themes can also appear.

The solution can be found at the foot of this month’s Books section.

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