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Fig. 10. The CVMA Website

Fig. 10. The CVMA Website

The CVMA (GB) website has recently been updated to reflect recent developments nationally and internationally.

Scholarship in the field of stained glass continues apace across the world, as was evident from the many announcements concerning recent publications made at the Corpus Vitrearum Colloquium in Vienna. The CVMA (GB) website CVMA has been updated to reflect these announcements.

The website also reflects recent changes in Britain: two long-standing members of the British CVMA’s committee, Prof. Paul Crossley and Michael Archer, have retired after many years of tirelessly supporting the cause of stained glass studies in Britain. The committee has welcomed two new members: Prof. Nigel Morgan, author of the CVMA (GB)’s Occasional Paper 3 (Lincoln Cathedral), and David King, who is working to catalogue the wealth of stained glass still to be found in the county of Norfolk.

We have also taken the opportunity to update our Resources page. Our dissertations and documents have been added to, and readers will find much of interest. There are a plan of the east window of Gloucester Cathedral, to accompany Léonie Seliger’s MA thesis on the history of the repairs to that window, and a plan of the west window of Winchester Cathedral. The CVMA (GB) has also been working to complete its photographic coverage of York’s city churches. This major expansion has been effected by Chloe Morgan and the indefatigable Gordon Plumb, whose images are already to be found in our Picture Archive and print publications. Readers will now find on the website a biography of the stained glass in York city churches, and tracery-numbering guides for windows in various York city churches.

Finally, we are delighted to announce that Peter Newton’s seminal doctoral thesis ‘Schools of Glass Painting in the Midlands 1275 – 1430’ is now available for all to consult and download. Indexes have been drawn up so that readers can track down exactly the sites and materials they are looking for. The British CVMA is grateful to the University of York, which kindly gave permission for the thesis to be made available in this format, and also to the following copyright holders, who have allowed their images to be used: the British Library; the estate of Maurice H. Ridgway; and the National Monuments Record.

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