Places of Worship in the British Isles, 1350–1550

An interesting weekend course on ‘Places of Worship in the British Isles, 1350-1550’ will be held in Oxford between Friday 4 and Sunday 6 January 2013.

The late middle ages saw the flowering of a distinctive religious culture expressed in architecture and the other arts, including stained glass. The weekend will explore the religious life of the period through the buildings – monasteries, cathedrals, parish churches – erected or modified to accommodate both traditional and new forms of liturgy and devotion, with a particular emphasis upon their functional requirements.

Speakers include CVMA (GB) committee members Professor Richard Marks and Sarah Brown. Professor Marks will speak on ‘The Imagery of the Late Medieval Parish Church: Continuity and Change’, while Sarah Brown, lecturer in the history of art at the University of York and director of the York Glaziers Trust, will speak about ‘“Walls like unto clear glass”: Stained Glass and Monumental Narrative in the Late Medieval English Church”. Further details are available here.

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