Reminder: Stained Glass Museum Annual Lecture

Monday, 16th September 2019, 2.00 pm
Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Palace Green, Ely

David Hillman’s Stained Glass windows for Synagogues: A lecture by Prof David Newman OBE Followed by a viewing of the David Hillman ‘Purim’ window from the Old Bayswater Synagogue in The Stained Glass Museum. In this talk Prof. Newman will shed light on the life and work of David Hillman (1894-1974), a prolific Anglo-Jewish artist who understood the deep connection between art and religion. Hillman was born in Glasgow and his father was Dayan Samuel Isaac Hillman, of the London Beth Din. He created stained glass windows for many London Synagogues, and one of his windows made for the old Bayswater Synagogue (demolished 1966) is on display at The Stained Glass Museum. Prof. David Newman is a great nephew of the stained glass artist David Hillman, and a re-searcher of political geography and geopolitics at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. On a recent sabbatical, Prof. Newman has been researching the stained glass windows created by artist David Hillman that can be found in synagogues in Israel and England. He is interested in both their artistic content and the social context of the people who were involved in their creation – ranging from Eastern Europe to Britain and to Israel. Booking is now open through the Museum website. Tickets cost £9 for Guests and £7.50 for Friends of the Stained Glass Museum.

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