Society for Church Archaeology 2017 Conference : ‘The Articulation of Light and Space in Churches’

Fig. 1. Worcester Cathedral.

Fig. 1. Worcester Cathedral.

Friday, 15th – Sunday, 17th September 2017, Worcester

Based in the Old Palace at Worcester Cathedral, the conference will focus on the relationship between light, space, liturgy and devotion in churches, from the early-medieval period until the Victorian era. The event will bring together a range of lectures, revealing new methods and interpretations about ecclesiastical light and space; tours of the cathedral’s workshops and Upper Reaches; and also visits to significant local churches and monastic sites.

The importance and role of stained glass will be showcased in lectures, among others, focusing on the role of the glazier, the restoration of Worcester’s windows, and the art of stained glass in the articulation of the liturgy.

For further information, including a full programme of events and details of prices associated with various elements of the conference, and how to register, see the Society of Church Archaeology website or call the conference secretary, Dr Anne Sassin on 07896 125207.

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