Spring Master Class, Bulk Glass, Plain Glazing, Archaeological Glass History, Technology and Conservation, The University of York

The Master Class will commence on Friday 1 March at 5pm with an evening lecture and drinks reception, and will continue with a full day of papers on Saturday 2 March.

This event will focus on bulk glass, ‘plain glazing’, ‘white’ glass and archaeological glass, its technology, history and conservation. An international panel of speakers will present recent research and new conservation applications. Tea, coffee and a sandwich lunch is included in the ticket price of £65 per person. The speakers will be as follows.

•    Professor Ian Freestone, University College, London: ‘Latest research on medieval glass composition’
•    Dr Ivo Rauch, University of York: ‘From Bathhouse to Bauhaus: Window Glass and Architecture’
•    Dr David Dungworth, English Heritage: ‘Chemical analysis of plain window glass: technology, dating and conservation’
•    Reiner Meindl, Glashuette Lamberts: ‘White glass production for the 21st Century’
•    Professor Hannelore Roemich, The Institute of Fine Arts, New York University: ‘Archaeological glass: surface degradation and conservation challenges’

Please contact Brittany Scowcroft (brittany.scowcroft@york.ac.uk, 01904 433910) at the University of York for booking forms and more information.

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