Stained Glass Exhibition at Girona Art Museum

Fig. 1. Anna Santolaria (right) at the exhibition.

Fig. 1. Anna Santolaria (right) at the exhibition.

An exhibition of fourteenth-century stained glass opened last month at Girona Art Museum and will run until 22 May 2016. The exhibition features eleven fourteenth-century panels belonging to Girona Cathedral, which were made by two different masters: El Mestre del Presbiteri and Guillem de Letumgard, alongside the Girona table and a replica of a white-washed table. Viewers will be able to gain valuable insights into the techniques and iconography used by Girona’s glaziers.

The exhibition was curated by Anna Santolaria Tura, a pioneer in research on the Girona table (see Vidimus 84) and author of Vitralls sobre taules de vitraller (‘Glazing on white-washed tables’), and Catalan CVMA member Sílvia Cañellas prepared the accompanying texts. Replica medieval glazing tools have been provided for the exhibition by Barley Studios and the York Glaziers Trust, and a video of the glass-making process produced by Glashütte Lamberts will be on view.

A video of the exhibition can be viewed here.

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