Strawberry Hill Symposium and Tour

Fig. 1. Strawberry Hill House: glass in the star chamber

Fig. 1. Strawberry Hill House: glass in the star chamber

The World Monuments Fund Britain is holding an important symposium on medieval stained glass at Strawberry Hill House on Thursday, 10 May, 10am – 4pm. Speakers including Heather Gilderdale (independent scholar, specialist on the work of John Thornton) and Jim Cheshire (University of Lincoln Conservation Department) will speak about the cleaning, cataloguing and potential re-use of thousands of fragments of glass, dating mostly to the fifteenth century, but also as late as the nineteenth century, from the war damaged Coventry Cathedral. Leonie Seliger (head of stained glass conservation at Canterbury Cathedral) will speak about the conservation of two panels dating to c.1200 at the cathedral. Michael Peover (glass consultant at Strawberry Hill and former librarian of the British Society of Master Glass Painters) will speak about the repair, cleaning and protection of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century panels, mainly of Netherlandish origin, at Strawberry Hill House.

Lunch is provided and the day includes a tour of the house. Tickets for Vidimus readers are available at the discounted price of £60. For further details, email

The CVMA (GB) Picture Archive contains many images of the glass at Strawberry Hill.

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