Tragic Death of Veronique Vandekerchove

Veronique Vandekerchove

Veronique Vandekerchove

We are sad to report the tragic death of Veronique Vandekerchove following a fatal traffic accident in Bruges. Veronique was the chief curator of fine arts and deputy superintendent of the M – Museum in Leuven, home of an outstanding collection of medieval stained glass. We send our deepest regrets and condolences to her family and friends.

Veronique Vandekerchove (b.1965) obtained her degree in archaeology and art history from the Catholic University of Leuven (Louvain) in 1987. She joined the staff of the Stedelijk Museum of Leuven in 1992, working first as a curatorial assistant and then, from 1998, as a curator. Veronique had begun work on a doctoral dissertation about a panel painting depicting scenes from Christ’s Passion and now in the collection of the municipal museum: Passietaferelen van Christus (Brabant, 1470–90). Her publications focused on the results of archaeological research carried out in Leuven, the conservation of museum collections, and the collection of the municipal museum (its history, context and future). She was a member of numerous steering committees, advisory boards, and working groups.

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