An Update: Dutch Corpus Volume IV Sold Out

In the September issue of Vidimus, an announcement was placed concerning the liquidation by the publisher of the remaining stock of my book, Stained glass in the Netherlands before 1795.  As this two-volume overview of all stained glass in public buildings in the Netherlands was received well at the time of its publication in 2011, I decided to take the risk and buy all the leftovers – over 180 sets – at a strongly reduced price. News about the sale spread quickly among Dutch art historians, Corpus Vitrearum members, and not in the least among readers of Vidimus. By mid-November the stock was sold out! The venture turned out well, even though I did not immediately realize the implications of my decision to act temporarily as a book-seller. It was a huge logistical operation to slowly empty the garage full of almost 1000 kg of books, find the cheapest carrier, pack and dispatch, email the right bills to the right recipients and keep tracking the completion of the process. Thanks to the help of my husband the project came to a happy end. It really gives great satisfaction to me to know that instead of being shredded to pieces, my books lie intact in so many homes all over the world, and that they can be consulted every now and then by lovers of stained glass. Thank you very much for your generous help!

Zsuzsanna van Ruyven-Zeman

Pre-publication announcement: Glory, Azure and Gold: The Stained-Glass Windows of Thomas Denny

Fig.1. Glory, Azure and Gold.

Fig.1. Glory, Azure and Gold.

The second edition of this collaborative volume on the stained-glass art of Thomas Denny will be available from January 27th, 2017.  Denny’s luminous windows are found in the cathedrals at Gloucester, Durham and Hereford, as well as in many churches and chapels across the UK. His distinctive style, drawing on his past as a painter, combines a modern aesthetic with reference to stained glass’s medieval heritage. This beautifully-illustrated volume includes essays by artists, art historians, art dealers, historians and theologians; and has been updated with photographs of the Finzi Windows, installed in Gloucester Cathedral in 2016, in memory of the composer, Gerald Finzi.

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