Forthcoming Publication: Windows for the World: Nineteenth-Century Stained Glass and the International Exhibitions, 1851-1900, by Jasmine Allen (Manchester University Press) ISBN 9781526114723, 264pp., 240 x 170 mm, £75.00

Windows for the World explores the display and reception of nineteenth-century British stained glass in a secular exhibition context. International in scope, and founded on research carried out in Europe, America and Australia, the book focuses on the global development of stained glass in this period as showcased at, and influenced by, these exhibitions. It recognises those who made and exhibited stained glass and demonstrates the long-lasting impact of the classification and modes of display at these events, informing the ways in which modern museums display their collections. A number of exhibits are illustrated in colour and are analysed in relation to stylistic developments, techniques and material innovations, as well as the broader iconographies of nation and empire in the nineteenth century.

Jasmine Allen is Curator of The Stained Glass Museum at Ely Cathedral, the only museum dedicated to the art of stained glass in the UK, with a collection spanning from the medieval to the modern period. Dr Allen gained her PhD from the University of York, and has authored several stained glass-related publications.

This volume is scheduled for publication at the end of April 2018, and can be pre-ordered via the publisher’s website.

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