Welcome to November’s issue of Vidimus. This month, we are very pleased to present a fascinating feature detailing recent discoveries that stained glass installed in the nineteenth century at the Güell Palace in Barcelona originated in the workshop of the well-known English stained glass studio of T. W. Camm. Our news items follow a similarly International theme, reporting on medieval glass excavated from a Crusader fortress in Israel, as well as flagging a new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York aimed at transforming some of our views of Northern Renaissance art, in which stained glass plays its part. Closer to home, we highlight a significant collaborative doctoral award competition, offering a role in an interdisciplinary project on the Medieval English glass industry at the universities of York and Sheffield, together with Historic England. We report too on the findings of recent research naming Suffolk as the country’s best county for discovering stained glass. Do the readers of Vidimus agree?! Finally, in relation to the current exhibition of Horace Walpole’s collection of art and artefacts at Strawberry Hill House, we bring, in reviews, a study of the nature and significance of Walpole’s stained glass collection.

Heather Gilderdale Scott, Editor, November 2018

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