As England awakens, we are very pleased to announce the reopening of the Stained Glass Museum in Ely, which has acquired an important stained glass portrait by contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley (Saint Adelaide, 2014). There is also news of an exhibition about the St Cuthbert Window in York Minster and a John Piper exhibition in Henley.

Our feature is by Dr Penny Hebgin-Barnes, who makes a new attribution to Joshua Price of an early 18th-century glazing scheme at the Church of St Mary and St Hugh, Old Harlow, Essex. The article includes a fascinating explanation of the glass in its historical context.   

This issue introduces a new section which we are calling ‘Notes and Queries’. The aim is to enable authors to raise points of interest and related queries. David King kicks this off with an interesting note on an inscription taken from Arthurian literature. 

In our reviews section, there is a discussion of an intriguing exhibition in Ghent, curated by Aletta Rambaut, which uses archaeological fragments of stained glass windows and other glass objects to connect the paintings of Jan van Eyck to reality. The exhibition is open until the end of June.

We are again grateful to David King, who draws on his wealth of background knowledge about Norfolk glass painters to provide an expanded review of The Norwich Chamberlains’ Accounts 1539-40 to 1544-45, edited by Carole Rawcliffe.

As ever, we welcome submissions for articles, news and reviews (and now also for notes and queries) at: editor@vidimus.org

Dr Anya Heilpern and Christopher Parkinson


 May 2021

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