Rosemary Rutherford exhibition

An exhibition on the life and work of the mid 20th century stained glass artist Rosemary Rutherford recently opened at St Mary and and Leonard’s parish church, Broomfield near Chelmsford Essex. Rosemary’s father was the vicar at this church which contains several examples of her stained glass windows. A fully illustrated booklet has been produced to accompany the exhibition with a further publication concentrating on her stained glass planned for later in the year.

Victor Rothman (1947 —2023)

It was with sadness that we learned from US colleague Daniella Peltz of the death of Victor Rothman. She echoed the sentiments of many of Vic’s colleagues: ‘I worked with Victor on and off for nearly 30 years and he was as irascible and infuriating as he was clever, wise and supportive and I will miss him more than I can even say’.

You can find the obituary here.

Where Vidimus leads, others follow!

In our August 2022 issue, we highlighted the identification by Virginia Raguin and Hadley Arnold of the first known depiction in American public art of Jesus as a black man. The glass, by the studio of Henry E. Sharp, was installed in 1878 in the church of St Mark, Warren, Rhode Island. The story has been given greater exposure in the news section of Art Net.

In the same issue of Art Net, Vidimus readers can catch up on the story of the 2016 vandalism of racist stained glass in a student dining room in Colhoun College, Yale University. The damaged glass depicted senator, Vice-President and slavery advocate John Colhoun (1782 – 1850), a Yale graduate, after whom the college residence had been named, accompanied by images of enslaved people. New medallions created by African American artists Barbara Earl Thomas and Faith Ringgold now adorn the windows of the renamed Grace Hopper College, commemorating another Yale graduate, the pioneering mathematician and computer scientist Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (1906 – 1992):

For an artists’ discussion of the project, go to: