Welcome to our fiftieth issue! It’s wonderful that Vidimus continues to thrive. I should particularly like to acknowledge the extraordinary contribution of Roger Rosewell, whose hard work has, from the first issue in November 2006, made every issue of Vidimus a success.

We’re also grateful to all those individuals and institutions who have assisted Vidimus financially, and in particular the Glaziers’ Trust, whose ongoing support enables us to continue.

This month’s issue includes reports on new on-line resources, a review of a major book on commemoration in the Middle Ages and a visit to the London Stained Glass Repository. We’re delighted that two colleagues from Spain – the conservator Fernando Cortés Pizano and art historian Silvia Cañellas – have supplied April’s panel of the month. It comes from Barcelona Cathedral and belongs to a window whose theme – Noli Me Tangere – is perfect for Easter.

Panel of the Month

Mary Magdalene

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